Zinc Oxide Powder

Zinc Oxide Powder

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Zinc Oxide Powder

Zinc oxide is a mineral used in ointments, lotions, and other skincare formulas to treat minor burns, chapped skin, and other skin irritations.  Zinc oxide is used in suntan lotion to protect against sunburn. Zinc oxide is typically found in calamine lotion, diaper rash ointments, and baby powders.  Zinc oxide is also one of the main ingredients in mineral makeup.  

INCI: Zinc Oxide

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High Quality - Which matters!

A viewer from Boston, MA
Review rating is 5
This is a high quality Zinc Oxide (ZO). I use a good amount of ZO in several different products. This ZO has even particle size, disperses beautifuly and does not absorb a ridicules amount of moisture in dry form. If you have ever used sub-par ZO, you know what I am talking about.
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Zinc Oxide Powder

A viewer from Farmville, VA US
Review rating is 5
I love zinc oxide in my lotions! Its very moisturizing and know it has been known to protect against sunburn.
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