Vanilla White- Color Stabilizer

Vanilla White- Color Stabilizer

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Vanilla White Color Stabilizer

Vanilla White Color Stabilizer is a patent pending fragrance technology designed to be added to aqueous bases that have color stability problems resulting from vanillin and other aromatic ingredients which tend to oxidize and cause browning.  For the first time, water based formulas can be stabilized by including a small amount of Vanilla White Color Stabilizer.  Phthalate-Free.  
CA Prop 65 Reportable Ingredients: None. 

Applications of Vanilla White Color Stabilizer:  Liquid soap bases, bar soap bases, glycerin soap bases, cold process soap, hot process soap, shampoos, conditioners, fabric softeners, detergents, air fresheners, and lotions; essentially any product that is not anhydrous.

Physical Form: Water white liquid with slight haze.

Odor: Vanillic character.  Although this product is completely safe, it has a very strong odor out of the bottle.  You will not notice this odor in finished products.

Recommended use level: Added to the base at 0.3% by weight (this is the recommended usage rate of the manufacturer).  We have found that you may need to use more in your formulations; 2 parts fragrance oil to 1 part vanilla white color stabilizer.  In the event that a fragrance contains very high levels of vanillin, we suggest using a ratio of 1 part fragrance oil to 1 part vanilla white color stabilizer.   It is suggested that you add the vanilla white color stabilizer to the actual fragrance oil, then add that mixture to your formulation. 

Precautions: Store in a dry cool location.  Do not combine with strong acids, nitrates or oxidizing agents.

Natures Garden does not sell the same vanilla stabilizer that is found at other companies.  Vanilla white was formulated by an actual chemist/perfumist, who has a patent pending on this product.  Since Natures Garden has not tested this product in every vanilla-containing fragrance on the market, we do not claim that it will work with all fragrance oils.  Testing will need to be done by the customer with all fragrances they choose. 

Gallons of this product are sold by volume, not weight.  However, a gallon of this product contains approximately 10 pounds.

Not for use in candle making.  Our fragrance oils already contain anti-oxidative agents that prevent discoloration in candle making applications.

Natures Garden is not responsible for the results of any finished products.


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Works but really strong

A viewer from PA
Review rating is 3
I used this stabilizer in my M&P soap. It DID keep the color, but the scent is so strong, I've lost some of my fragrance to it. I also made the mistake of opening it and smelling something off, and after about a month, it seems to have gone...sour? It was a lot more strong smelling than when I first opened it. USE SAFETY GEAR if you use this. I had breathing problems for about 3 days.
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Not what I expected and not worth the cost

Cindy Kennedy from Lima, OH
Review rating is 1
This may keep vanilla from dis-coloring but it leaves a watery residue in the bottom of every mold, metal or silicone, I've poured the wax in. You cannot use it in a mold where you need more than 1 pour (like cupcakes) because it leaves a clear watery barrier between the pours and instead of candles coming out in 1 piece, the 2 pours separate and the candle breaks into 2 pieces when removing from the mold. It literally pops and cracks in the melting pots when heating up similar to what water would do and it did chemically discolor a non-stick cake mold.
It's the first products I've ever purchased from NG that did not work and I did email them a couple weeks ago (through their webpage) about the issue but never heard back.
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