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Soapmaker Software- Soapmaking

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SoapMaker Professional Edition...

Take your business to the next level with

If you struggle with spreadsheets, paper records, and web-based lye calculators, SoapMaker can simplify your life and help you focus on making great products!







Control costs and increase your profits

  • SoapMaker can soon pay for itself!
  • Calculates individual product cost and profit margin
  • Predicts soap qualities before manufacture
  • Compares recipes for cost and qualities
  • Helps you buy only the supplies you need

Let SoapMaker handle the drudge jobs

  • Organizes all your recipes
  • Tracks your inventory of supplies and products
  • Produces Customer Invoices
  • Calculates sales tax and tracks tax credits
  • Lists extra supplies needed for planned recipes
  • Re-calculates recipes to fit different molds
  • Keeps history of purchases and sales

Spend more time being creative

  • Experiment with different oil blends using the Predicted Qualities graph
  • Use the special calculators for liquid and cream soaps
  • Save photos of your products

Free sample recipes included!

System Requirements:

Microsoft Windows
(10, 8, 7, Vista, or XP)
32 or 64 bit

(Not compatible with
Surface RT)


SoapMaker is not compatible with Microsoft Windows 'S' or 'S-mode' as these versions of Windows cannot run legacy apps like SoapMaker.

Approx. 20 MB of local HD space 

Not compatible with Mac, iPad or Android.

Mac and Linux users must have Windows installed. 

SoapMaker requires MS Windows...

SoapMaker users are successfully running SoapMaker 3 on Macs or Linux systems with Windows using products such as:


VMWare Fusion


Virtual Box

(Currently, SoapMaker 3 does not appear to work with windows emulators such as Crossover, or WINE.)

IMPORTANT: Make sure you are running in the Windows environment before downloading SoapMaker, or it may not install correctly. 

Or if you don't want to run Windows or your Mac, consider buying a cheap used Windows laptop just for soapmaking, as several SoapMaker users have done.


Once you place your order, you will be emailed your license number so that you may download the soap making software program.  This will not occur automatically.  We will send it to you manually. This can take up to 5 business days as the process is handled manually, no automatically.  Please note that we do not work on the weekends.

If you have questions about this software, or need any other assistance with this software, you need to contact the software company who made it.  We do not offer any assistance with the usage of this software, and do not offer any type of reimbursements after you purchase it.


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So Happy

olivia from Baldwin,NY USA
Review rating is 5
i am so happy my fiancé bought me this software. It takes some playing around with to learn all the ins and outs of it, but once you get the hang of it it is super easy. it helps me keep track of inventory, customers information, everything you need when starting a business. its not just for soap I use it to make body butters, lip balms bath bombs the works. I recommend this to everyone who is a crafter.
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Awesomem Program

Dustin from Tulsa, Oklahoma
Review rating is 5
I so far love this program and it makes keeping track of everything so much easier and love the invoice option.
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