Smelly Jelly Crystals- 1 pound

Smelly Jelly Crystals- 1 pound

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Smelly Jelly Crystals 1 Pound

NOTE: The crystals in our current batch will produce a smaller bead when compared to previous batches. We alerted the supplier of the smaller particle size and they informed us that there is nothing they can do about it.  Please be aware of this smaller particle size when purchasing.  

 Especially formulated polymer crystals which are capable of holding 400 times their weight in water.  One pound of crystals makes approximately 90- 8 oz. jars!   Take 1 level teaspoon smelly jelly crystals and add 7 oz. warm distilled water. Add a few drops of liquid soap dye to the mixture along with approximately 1 tablespoon fragrance oil. Allow the mixture to swell for about 15 minutes and place into jar. This recipe fills (1) 8 oz. smelly jelly jar.


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They dont smell

A viewer from Pennsylvania
Review rating is 1
Ive followed the recipe step by step, even added more fo than the recipe and still, no scent. Do not reccomend this product.
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Smelly Jelly's easy as pie

April Comans from Mississippi
Review rating is 5
The smelly jelly's really impressed me when it was so simple that our 5 year grand-daughter made them up. The only thing she didn't do was the water. And they sell like hot cakes people really love the long lasting fragrance.
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