Red Sandalwood Chips

Red Sandalwood Chips

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Red Sandalwood Chips

INCI (Pterocarpus santalinus).  Red sandalwood is used in cosmetics to soothe dry, irritated skin, and to provide the skin with a natural glow.  Red sandalwood is also a natural colorant.

Country of Origin: India


1. Red Sandalwood can be added to bath tea recipes.
2. Red Sandalwood can be infused and used in tinctures.
3. Can be infused and added to facial masks to help soothe dry, irritated skin, and to provide the skin with a natural glow.
4. Can be infused and added to lotion, cream, ointment recipes.
5. Red Sandalwood can be infused and added to soap.
6. Red Sandalwood can be infused and added to hair conditioner to promote healthy and shiny hair.
7. Can be infused and added to bath bomb recipes.
8. Can be infused in massage oils.
9. Red Sandalwood can be infused and used in facial toner recipes.
10. Red Sandalwood can be infused and used in aftershave recipes.
11. Can be infused and used in scrubs.

Note: Natures Garden sells our herbs for external use only. We do not sell them as food items. Due to FDA regulations, we cannot answer medical questions or provide dosage recommendations. (The information we provide is for educational purposes only. This information is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease. This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration). Keep all herbs out of reach of children and pets. Special care should be taken by pregnant and/or lactating women when handling herbs. Please consult a healthcare professional for more information. Natures Garden accepts no responsibility (written or implied) for any products you make with our herbs. All testing is the responsibility of the customer. 


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Ken from NC
Review rating is 5
Yes, finally. As in "I finally found it.". There are so many substitute products out there in stores and on the internet it is positively overwhelming to try and sort it all out. Thank goodness NG has the chips, or else I'd still be looking. The medium-short version is this: Red sandalwood is none other than Pterocarpus santalinus. There are several other species of pterocarpus, though very similar in color and texture, that just simply aren't the same thing. They don't have the anti-bacterial or smoothing affect of true red sandalwood. Period. They are just "dye". If you are looking for the only true equal to the popular camwood powder (pterocarpus osun) for your soaps and facial applications, this is it. Get yourself a small, top-loading coffee grinder and run small amounts through, then sift. I separate the powder sifted and the larger chips that remain in the sifter are run through the grinder again. I repeat the process three (3) times and finish it off in the mortar and pestle, after which it yields a wonderfully fine powder without the splinters and tiny chips that your see in much more expensive "authentic" powders. The effect is immediate and undeniable, and makes a great and unique product. Thanks again, Nature's Garden.
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