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Rice Bran Oil

Rice Bran Oil (cosmetic grade)- Expressed from the husks of rice, most soap makers found that rice bran oil imparted nearly the same creamy, moisturizing qualities that olive oil did to their soaps.  It does have a lot of the same antioxidants and vitamins that olive oil has, and a similar fatty acid make up. 

Gallons are sold by volume and not weight.  However, one gallon weighs approximtely 7.5 pounds.

Rice Bran oil is used in soap, massage oils, lip balms, lotions, scrubs, ect.

SAP VALUE KOH / NaOH: .185---.131 

Rice bran oil contains the following essential fatty acids:
Myristic- 1%
Palmitic- 22%
Stearic- 3%
Oleic- 43%
Linoleic- 26%

Packaged in an opaque, white HDPE plastic bottle to reduce exposure to sunlight. Store in an air tight container in a cool, dark place.

Shelf life is:  1 year from purchase.

INCI name:  Rice Bran Oil (Oryza Sativa)




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Great Product

Meagan from Louisville, KY
Review rating is 5
I make CP & HP soaps and this is one of the oils I use. I did some research on the different oils and benefits they offer and decided to give this oil a try. I wanted to make soap that didn't leave your skin feeling dry or "tight". The price is one of the best out there.
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A viewer from Cleveland, OH
Review rating is 5
I love this oil so much. I tested a little on my hand and the silkiness was ahhhmazing. I am using in my cp process soap recipe. KEEP this oil stocked for all your soaping needs.
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