*Quick Order-Spectrum Colors Liquid Candle Dye -1 oz.

*Quick Order-Spectrum Colors Liquid Candle Dye -1 oz.

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Black $5.87
Blue $5.87
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Burgundy $5.87
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Quick Order Liquid Candle Dyes

Natures Garden includes color suggestions for each of our fragrances in the description area of each fragrance.

Please note that these candle dyes are VERY CONCENTRATED! If you are doing small batches and you desire to achieve pastel colors, you will need to mix your spectrum dye with vegetable oil in the ratio of 1:1.

How to Mix Your Own Colors

Blue-  A primary color, you cannot mix this one.
Yellow- A primary color, you cannot mix this one.
Red- A primary color, you cannot mix this one.
Black-  You cannot make black.  To get a black candle, use black liquid candle dyes or black powered candle dyes. 
White-  Add no color
Orange-  Mix yellow and red to your specifications
Pink- Simply use red, but in small quantities in your candles
Ivory-  Use a small amount of brown in your candles.
Burgundy- Use mostly red and add a small amount of black
Brown-  A mix of yellow, blue, and red
Plum- A mix of red and blue to your specifications
Purple- A mix of red and blue
Teal-  A mix of blue with a little yellow
Green- A mix of yellow and blue
Cinnamon-  A mix of brown with a little red added
Sage- Green with a little brown added to it
Navy Blue-  Blue with a little black added to it
Fushia-  Red with a little blue added to it
Peach-  Simply use small amount of orange
Hunter Green-  Green with a little black added to it
Burnt Orange-  Orange with a little brown added to it


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Use a tiny amount!

A viewer from Lafayette, IN USA
Review rating is 4
This is concentrated and five stars for coloring wax vibrant with true colors as well as uniform throughout, it smells like turpentine though, use a toothpick and add a small amount, I used a tiny pipette and added 3 drops and the color was gorgeous but wow the chemical smell wasn’t masked with fragrance, so take advice from others, it’s great but be sure to use it in small, small quantities.
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good product but please change packaging!

A viewer from HURLEY, NY US
Review rating is 4
The colors perform good that I've tried, but I know I won't buy any more from here in the future. The packaging is a huge turn off and wish you would use glass dropper bottles like the other companies. The plastic squeeze containers get so messy and is wasteful. Maybe even a pop up spout would be better.
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