Pumpkin Bath Melts Recipe

Pumpkin Bath Melts Recipe

Recipe makes approximately 13 bath melts

Ingredients Found At Natures Garden:


Pumpkin Bath Melts Recipe

Other Ingredients & Equipment You'll Need:
Pots (2- for double boiler)
Total Recipe Weights:
57 grams Palm Oil
42 grams Mango Butter
113 grams Cocoa Butter Golden Natural
6 grams White Beeswax
4 grams Caramel Apple Fragrance Oil
15 grams Pumpkin Seed Oil
2 grams Pumpkin Seed Powder
2 grams Pumpkin Pie Spice Blend Powder
1 gram Diamond Dust Mica
1 gram 24K Gold Mica

First, clean & sanitize your work area.  Also, do the same with your mold and utensils. We suggest that you wear protective clothing and a hair net when preparing this recipe. 
Step 1:  In a pot, weigh out the butters, beeswax, and oils. 
Step 2:  Use a double boiler to melt the butters, oils, and beeswax.
Step 3:  Once the ingredients have melted, add the fragrance oil, both pumpkin powders, and both micas.
Step 4:  Next, pour the melted mixture into the silicone pumpkin mold.
Step 5:  Allow the melts to set up a bit.  You want them to have a film on top before moving them.  Then, move them to the freezer.
Step 6:  After about 30 minutes, remove the melts from the freezer.  Finally, pop them out of the mold.
Step 7:  Your pumpkin bath melts are now ready to use.  Place one melt under your warm running bath water.  Use caution as bath melts will make your tub very slippery.  Also, we do not recommend shipping these to your customers in hotter temperatures, bath melts will melt just simply with skin contact due to body heat.
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