Piped Scoopable Wax Recipe

Piped Scoopable Wax Recipe

Recipe makes three 8 oz jars

Ingredients Found At Natures Garden:


Other Ingredients & Equipment You'll Need:
Pot (for double boiler)
Mixing Spoon
Decorating Bag (with coupler attached)
Plastic Wrap
Total Recipe Amounts:
454 grams 464 Soy Wax
340 grams Avocado Oil
94 grams Suede and Peony Fragrance Oil
8 grams Titanium Dioxide Oil and Water Dispersible
1 drop Burgundy Nature Friendly Liquid Candle Dye
Step 1:  First, weigh out 454 grams of the Soy Wax 464 and 340 grams of the avocado oil.  Melt to 185F using a double boiler. 
Step 2:  You will need two mixing bowls.  Separate the candle wax into two portions, they should be about even, but don't have to be exact.  
Step 3:  Then, to one bowl, add the titanium dioxide.  To the second bowl, add a drop of the burgundy colorant.  Stir the contents of each bowl to evenly disperse the colorant.
Step 4:  Add 47 grams of the Nature’s Garden Suede and Peony Fragrance Oil to each bowl.  Stir.
Step 5:  Allow the mixture to cool, stirring occasionally as it is cooling.  You want it to be similar to a frosting consistency so that you can pipe it into the jars.
Step 6:  While you are waiting, prepare your decorating bag.  For this recipe, we simply used a decorating bag with just a coupler attached.  This has a perfectly large round hole. 
Step 7:  Now, we will prepare the wax for piping.  There are a couple ways you can add the wax to your decorating bag.  You can simply place the burgundy wax on one side of the bag and the white on the other.  However, since the consistency of this wax is a bit softer than a frosting, we placed ours in plastic wrap first.  To do this, place a piece of plastic wrap in front of you horizontally.  Place some of the burgundy wax on the right side and the white on the left.  Pull the plastic wrap together into a roll, close one end and drop the open end down into the piping bag. 
Step 8:  Pipe the wax into the jars in a circular motion until you reach the top of the jar.  Place a lid on the jar.
Step 9:  Allow the wax to cure for at least 48 hours before using.  Simply place a scoop of the wax in your wax burner to use.
We hope that you enjoy your scoopable wax!
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