Palm Oil RBD

Palm Oil RBD

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Palm Oil RBD

Palm Oil RBD is a solid at room temperature.  Palm oil, along with olive and coconut oil, is one of the top oils used to make soap.  Palm oil allows soap makers to create a hard, white bar of soap, which provides rich, creamy lather. 16 oz. bottles are sold by volume instead of weight.  Gallons of palm oil RBD are sold by volume instead of weight.  However, one gallon is appoximately 7.5 pounds.  Cases of palm oil RBD may melt during warm/hot weather.  Be aware that when you purchase cases during warm weather, your product may melt.  We will not be held responsible for your product melting.  We will not credit or refund you for any melting that occurs to your product during shipping.  Be aware of this prior to purchasing this product. 

Palm oil is used in soap making, lotions, lip products, scrubs, and other bath and body formulations.

SAP VALUE KOH / NaOH: .203---.144

Palm oil contains the following essential fatty acids:
Myristic- 1%
Palmitic- 44%
Stearic- 5%
Oleic- 39%
Linoleic- 10%

Shelf life is: 1 year from purchase.

INCI name: Palm Oil (Elaeis Guineensis)


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The container is horrible!

A viewer from USA
Review rating is 3
I read the reviews and thought I could just set the container in hot water for it to melt while preparing everything else I needed to make a 3 pound batch of CP soap. Well, I soap with the air conditioning on and it took FOREVER for it to melt enough to use. I ended up putting it in another container that I will scoop it out of later. Why a company would put a hard oil in a container with such a small opening is beyond me!
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Works Great, Hate the Packaging

LazyPandaProductions from Charlotte, NC
Review rating is 4
I ordered the gallon size and although the oil is good quality, the gallon comes in a hard plastic container with a small spout. Soaping in the summer wouldn't be so bad, I could just leave it in my garage, but in the colder months this is a ROCK and very difficult to remove. I ended up cutting it open and transferring to a different container. Other than that it's really good!
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