Odor Eliminator

Odor Eliminator

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Odor Eliminator

Odor Eliminator Body and Linen Spray-   Now with natural odor counteractants!  128 oz.  Odor Eliminator is the most innovative and effective product on the market to eliminate biological odors associated with incontinence and even necrotic tissue. Unlike other sprays and deodorizers which simply mask the odor, this advanced formula eliminates unpleasant and embarrassing odors.  Odor eliminator comes unscented, but can easily be scented with any of Natures Garden fragrances or essential oils.  Due to the chemical makeup of this product, bakery type fragrances are actually masked similarly to how the product masks foul smells; we do not  suggest adding bakery type fragrances to this product.  This product works great on all odors. 

Being safe to use directly on the skin, you may desire to add fragrance to this spray and create your own body and linen spray.  Odor eliminator spray does not remain clear once fragrance or essential oils are added to it.  The end result of adding fragrance to it is a milky looking liquid.  We have found that fragrance and essential oils mix very nicely into this spray at the amount of 2 to 4 ml. fragrance per 8 oz. of odor eliminating spray.  Be certain to use body safe fragrances when creating your own body spray.  If you desire to make your own room spray with this base, you are not required to use body safe fragrance. 

If spraying odor eliminator on carpet or furniture, please patch test first.  May become slippery on floors.  Keep out of reach of children and pets.  Natures Garden is not responsible for any finished products created using our bases or ingredients. It is the customer's responsibility to perform all testing required to achieve the end result desired.

Ingredients:   Water, Natural Odor Counteractants, Denatured Alcohol, Polysorbate 20 

Shelf Life:  2 years


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Longer lasting base formula

Carol Louise Moore from Idaho
Review rating is 5
I am loving the new ingredients with the added denatured alcohol because it makes the fragrance last longer when you spray it, be it on the body or in the room. Plus, I have been getting better reviews with the newer ingredients. The older alcohol free ingredients did not last as long, when it was sprayed. Thank you for this amazing formula to use with your lovely fragrances.
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Works great and sells really well

A viewer from West Virginia
Review rating is 5
I use this base and mix with the Downy April Fresh FO and spray around my cat litter boxes and it works great. I spray it on my bed linens to freshen between washing...I made a few sprays, of various scents, for a craft show recently and everybody loved them, especially the fact that it is skin safe and pet friendly.
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