*Nature Friendly Candle Dye Color Blocks- Quick Order

*Nature Friendly Candle Dye Color Blocks- Quick Order

$1.99 $1.14 43% off
Size Price Quantity
Black $1.14
Brown $1.14
Burgundy $1.14
Canary Yellow $1.14
Cappuccino $1.14
Forest Green $1.14
Golden Honey $1.14
Hunter Green $1.14
Lavender $1.14
Lime Green $1.14
Magenta $1.14
Navy Blue $1.14
Orange $1.14
Peach $1.14
Pink $1.14
Pumpkin $1.14
Purple $1.14
Raspberry $1.14
Red $1.14
Royal Blue $1.14
Seafoam Green $1.14
Sunflower Yellow $1.14
Teal $1.14
Ultramarine Green $1.14
Violet $1.14


Nature Friendly Candle Color Blocks

Quick order single color of our Nature Friendly Candle Color blocks!

All of our Nature Friendly Color Blocks are REACH compliant and versatile for achieving a wide array of colors for your wax creations. You can produce your desired shade by adjusting the wax to color ratio. Keep in mind colors will vary with fragrance use and different types of wax. Each block weighs approximately 1/2 oz. to 1 oz. These eco-friendly color blocks are intended for candle making only and not bath/body products.

Natures Garden includes color suggestions for each of our fragrances in the description area of each fragrance. Note:  The picture that is shown above shows the color blocks used in tealight candles.

Candle coloring blocks.  One block is enough color to deeply dye 15 pounds of wax.  Each color block weighs approximately 1/2 oz.  For use in candles only.  NEVER use these color blocks in cosmetic products!
Color blocks are dye dispersed in a wax medium. 
Color blocks do not produce as vibrant colors as our liquid candle dye or powdered candle dye.
Color blocks may produce specks of color on the bottom of your candles.  Make sure your color blocks are fully melted before pouring your candle wax.
Using too much color in your candles may clog your wick, create more smoking, may reduce the melt pool of your candle, and may inhibit scent throw.


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