Natural Vanilla Infusion (35 FOLD)

Natural Vanilla Infusion (35 FOLD)

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Vanilla Infusion

Natures Garden:   All-Natural Vanilla Infusion WONF (35 FOLD) Oil Soluble.   Packaged in amber glass bottles and  aluminum bottles.  

Natural vanilla infusion can be added to oil to create wonderfully smelling natural vanilla bath products.  Natural vanilla infusion does not hold up during the saponification process of CP soap making.  Our vanilla infusion is not an essential oil as essential oil of vanilla is nonexistent.

Ingredients:  Fractionated coconut oil, natural vanilla flavor, and ethyl alcohol
Country of Origin:  USA
Flash Point:  148F
Appearance and Odor:  A clear to slightly hazy yellow liquid
Solubility: Soluble in oil.
Shelf Life:  18 months stored properly
Storage Recommendations:  Store in a tight glass, aluminum, or double lined container in a cool area away from direct heat or sunlight.
Warning: Keep all essential oils out of the reach of children and pets. 

Note:  The mix and match special does not apply to essential oils; only fragrance oils.


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A viewer from Aurora, IL
I was hoping to use this as a flavoring for one of my lip balms as I try not to use artificial flavorings. I was sad to see its not skin safe. With the low flash point im worried about using it in candles also..
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A viewer from Alabama, USA
This is a "boozy" alcohol fragrance. It's absolutely delicious. It reminds me vanilla extract but with a mild note of rum. I love making perfumes and this will be a wonderful fragrance note(s) to work with. It's not very oily like fragrance oils. The base is alcohol. This is a fantastic fragrance.
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