Myrrh Gum Powder

Myrrh Gum Powder

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Myrrh Gum Powder  

INCI (Commiphora molmol).  Myrrh was one of the gifts brought to baby Jesus by the Wise Men in the Bible.  Myrrh can be used in both soap making and cosmetic making recipes.  Myrrh is a gum resin extracted from myrrh shrubs.  Myrrh is used in perfumery as a woodsy base note.  Myrrh can be used as an ingredient in incense.

Country of Origin: Ethiopia

1.  Myrrh Gum Powder can be used in potpourri formulations
2.  Myrrh Gum Powder can be used in natural bath tea recipes
3.  Myrrh Gum Powder can be used in soap
4.  Myrrh Gum Powder can be infused and added to lotion, cream, and ointment recipes.
5.  Myrrh Gum Powder can be infused and added to shampoo and conditioner recipes.
6.  Myrrh Gum Powder can be used in facial mask recipes
7.  Myrrh Gum Powder can be used in bath salt recipes.
8.  Myrrh Gum Powder can be used in scrub recipes
9.  Myrrh Gum Powder can be used in bath bombs.
10.  Myrrh Gum Powder can be infused in massage oils.

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Love this in CP soap

A viewer from USA
Review rating is 5
Used this as a natural additive in cp soap. I added it straight to the cp batter for a layer and it looks like a lovely speckled beige. The scent doesn't really come through the soap batter (I wasn't expecting it to) but it looks beautiful and gives a slight, mild exfoliation.

Would definitely buy again and recommend. Am going to try burning it on a charcoal brick as well!
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A viewer from North Carolina
Review rating is 5
First off I want to say that I LOVE everything I have gotten from Natures Garden so far, and the staff is great. I purchased this Myrrh powder and was pleased at first smell- I knew then it was authentic. I have not tried everything but I was pleased with what I did try. I hope they maintain their integrity, if so I will continue to shop here.
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