Menthol Crystals (Pure-Natural)

Menthol Crystals (Pure-Natural)

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Menthol Crystals

Natures Garden Candle Making Supplies:  100% Pure and All-Natural Menthol Crystals (crystalized peppermint essential oil).   Sold in  4 oz., and 8 oz., and 16 oz.  

Pure Grade Essential Oil:  Our supplier has guaranteed that this essential oil is 100% pure and all-natural.  Menthol crystals provide a cooling affect to bath and body products.  Using too much can irritate the skin.

Botanical Name:  Menthol Laevo Crystals USP Select FCC
Country of Origin:  India
Processing Method:  Distilled 
Flash Point:  190F
Appearance and Odor:  Colorless, hexagonal crystals, usually needle-like, fused masses or crystalline powder with a pleasant peppermint like odor.
Solubility:  Almost soluble in water, glycerin, and in mineral oil.  Soluble in alcohol and in propylene glycol.  Miscible in oils.  
Life:  24 months stored properly
Storage Recommendations:  Store in a tight glass, aluminum, or double lined container in a cool area away from direct heat or sunlight.
Warning: Keep all essential oils out of the reach of children and pets. 

Note:  The mix and match special does not apply to essential oils; only fragrance oils.


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Great for ache & pains!

A viewer from Southeast WI US
I was intriged with the Girly Girl salve recipe that calls for the menthol crystals and decided to make it. While waiting for the order to come in, I decided to change up the recipe and try and make something that might be benefical for those with aches or arthritis. I replaced the Sunflower oil and used hemp seed oil, used Mint Mango Tea in place of the waterlilly fragrance, and added a 1% basis of essential oils good for muscle and arthritis pain (Roman Chamomile, Lavender, Cedar wood, Nutmeg, Black Pepper, Clove & Ginger). 5 people have tried it for various aches (Rhumatoid Arthritis to muscle strain) and everyone loves it! All reported that at first there was a slight tingly feeling, then a warming action. Not sure if it was from the combo I used, or just the menthol crystals, but I'll be making more in the future (not for sale though - don't want to have to go through all of the FDA stuff). The menthol scent is nice & clean - not overpowering. Love it!
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