All Natural Lip Balm Base

All Natural Lip Balm Base

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All Natural Lip Balm Base 1 pound tub.

This base can also be used to make your own all-natural solid perfumes.  Make your own all natural lip balms,  Make your own all natural solid perfumes,   Make your own lotion bars,  Make your own foot balm!  It is so easy!

Lip Balm Recipe: In order to make 1 pound of lip balm, this is the recipe we found works the best: 1 pound melted lip balm base + 2-3 packets of powdered stevia (some like it really sweet, while we liked it just sweet enough) + 5 teaspoons of flavoring.  

We have found that the flavorings which are bakery type or vanilla will require up to 6 teaspoons of flavorings for this recipe; while flavorings that were fruity type required as little as 4 teaspoons for this recipe. When adding the flavoring and stevia to your lip balm base, make sure that the base is throughly melted. The heat will allow the stevia to disperse in the lip balm base. We do not recommend heating the lip balm base with the flavoring already added or you will lose some of the scent throw of your flavoring. Our stevia powder contains an all natural substance called maltodextrin; a carbohydrydrate from grain products that allows the stevia to better disperse in the lip balm...reducing the gritty problem that we found with plain stevia powder. 1 pound of our lip balm base will fill 94 of our lip balm tubes!! You can easily see that this product has great profit margins for you! 

Why choose Natures Garden's Lip Balm Base?

1. Our lip balm base is 100% all natural; made with only the finest, top-of-the line ingredients (several of which are also certified organic). Ingredients:  coconut oil, bees wax, organic shea butter, organic cocoa butter, tocopherol (vitamin e).  Be advised that since our lip balm is made of all natural ingredients, batches will range from creamy white in color to yellow in color.

2. Our lip balm base does not have any sort of chemical taste like so many lip stick/lip balm bases do. 

3. Our lip balm base feels smoothe and silky on your lips; naturally moisturizing your lips.  The lip balm is not tacky feeling like many petroleum-based lip balms.

4. Our lip balm base will save you time and money.  The natural ingredients are already mixed together for you.  All you will have to do is melt the lip balm, add flavoring, sweetener (powdered Stevia with maltodextrin), and color (if desired), pour into lip balm tubes or pots, and allow to set up at room temperature.

5. Our lip balm base is very affordable. 

6. Our lip balm can be used to make more than just lip balm!!  You can use the very same base to create your own all natural solid perfume!  You can use this base to create all-natural vapor rub.  You can use this base to create your own foot balm.  You can use this base to make your own lotion bars!  Why buy numerous bases to make these products when all you need is this one base? 

7. Our lip balm base is packaged in heavy-duty, white, opaque plastic tubs.  Shipping our lip balm base in these containers during the hot, summer months should reduce the likelihood of the base spilling into your package during delivery.  When testing this lip balm base, we actually melted the lip base base in the microwave in these containers and the plastic seemed to be unaffected by the heating process. 

8. One pound of our lip balm base makes approximately 65 1/4 oz. lip balm pots, or approximately  90-94 lip balm tubes!  This product allows you to easily, and affordably add new products to your line; all of which have good profit returns.

Flavoring your lip balm:  When making your own lip balms, you want to make sure that you use Natures Garden flavoring oils or essential oils instead of fragrance oils to flavor your lip products. Review the specific IFRA guidelines sheet for each essential oil you use; specifically reviewing category 1 for lip applications.  Usually, you will use 1-5% flavoring oil in your lip applications.  The more flavoring oil that you use, the thinner your lip balm will become.  Our flavorings were specifically formulated for use on the lips. We have been testing new flavorings, and should have a much larger variety in the future.  Never use water based flavorings in our lip balm base. 

Sweetening your lip balm:  Natures Garden has tested numerous sweeteners for lip balms.  We have found that a powdered stevia extract with maltodextrin works the best.  Simply add a very small amount of powdered stevia with maltodextrin to your flavoring, and add to your melted lip balm base.  Natures Garden carries Powdered Stevia extract with Maltodextrin.  The maltodextrin was added to the stevia extract powder to help the sweetener flow better in lip balm or edible products; reducing the gritty feeling that you experience with plain stevia extract powder.  Maltodextrin is a food grade product made from the sugars of grain.  Both stevia and maltodextrin are all natural products.

*Note:  Since stevia is a natural plant material, it will have polarity (water loving characteristics).  Anytime you add a polar product to non-polar product (lip balm base made with 100% oil loving characteristics), the products will not dissolve; only disperse.  The addition of maltodextrin allows the stevia to disperse better in lip balm bases, but it will not completely dissolve.*

Coloring your lip balm:  Natures Garden carries specific colorants that are considered safe for use in lip products.   Never use candle dyes in lip products.  Our soap dyes cannot be used in lip balms because they are water based dyes. Food coloring cannot be used to color lip balm because food coloring is water based and will not mix with the lip balm.

Making your own solid perfumes:  Melt the amount of lip balm base that is required to fill your selected containers.  Add 1-5% body safe fragrance oil (always review the IFRA guidelines for each fragrance you choose).  By the way, you can substitute flavoring oil or essential oil for fragrance oil if you desire, but make sure that the flavoring is oil based flavoring.  Add mica pigment (if desired) to give your solid perfume shimmer!   Pour the melted mixture into your desired containers.  Lip balm pots work nicely for solid perfumes.  Allow to cool at room temperature.  That is it! 

Labeling your Lip Balm Tubes:  You lip balms will need to be labeled according to the labeling requirements set by the FDA.   We have found that the best sized label would be 1.75" x 1.25". This size of label will allow you fit all of the necessary labeling information. This label is Avery #6570 barcode label. 

Shelf Life:  2 years



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Amazing Lip Balm!!

A viewer from MI
Review rating is 5
The best lip balm I have ever used. Everyone that has tried it has loved it and said it was the best they have ever used. The work is already done for you, just take the amount you need, melt it, add an EO and fill the tubes.
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A viewer from ALASKA
Review rating is 5
This lip balm is the best lip balm ever! SO SMOOTH!
Being in ALASKA, we all know what it is like to need QUALITY lip balms and my customers can't say enough about my lip balms. I am getting orders from all over the nation!
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