Jade Color Blocks Dye

Jade Color Blocks Dye

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Jade Color Block Dye from Natures Garden Candle Making Supplies is one of our new candle colors for both candles and wax melts.  These jade candle color blocks perform great in any of our candle waxes such as Joy WaxSoy Waxes, and WOW Wax.  A single jade color block will dye about 15 pounds of candle wax.  In the photo above, you will see the shades achieved with the jade color block in wax melts.  Color blocks are simple to use and provide a beautiful color to your candle.  To use, add a small amount of one of the solid blocks in your candle wax.  Once it is melted, stir the jade colorant until it is fully incorporated.  If it is not fully mixed into the candle wax, you can have specks of dye in your finished candle.  Also, using too much of the dye can inhibit your candle's burn.  Each color block weighs approximately 1/2 oz.  The jade color blocks are for use in candle wax only and should not be used in body products.