Holiday Pomegranate Cold Process Soap Recipe

Holiday Pomegranate Cold Process Soap Recipe

Recipe makes approximately 4 pounds of soap.

Ingredients Found At Natures Garden:


Other Ingredients & Equipment You'll Need:
Distilled Water
Stick Blender
Mixing Bowls
Mixing Spoons
Rubber Spatula
Wooden Skewer
Total Recipe Weight for CP Soap:
408 grams Distilled Water
152 grams Lye- Sodium Hydroxide
24 grams Sodium Lactate 
(added to cooled lye solution)
161 grams Sweet Almond Oil
215 grams Coconut Oil 76
107 grams Palm Oil
215 grams Olive Oil
161 grams Avocado Oil
215 grams Mango Butter
54 grams Holiday Pomegranate Fragrance Oil
Total Recipe Weight for Red Colorant:
40 drops Tomato Red FUN Soap Colorant
2 drops Black Oxide FUN Soap Colorant
Total Recipe Weight for Green Colorant:
30 drops Neon Green FUN Soap Colorant
3 drops Kelly Green FUN Soap Colorant
1 drop Black Oxide FUN Soap 
Total Recipe Weight for White Colorant:
11 grams Titanium Dioxide 
Step 1:  First, we will prepare our colorants.  So, you will need 3 small mixing bowls.  Use one bowl for each colorant listed above.  Mix the bowl containing the titanium dioxide with a small amount of your soaping oils. Also, weigh out your Holiday Pomegranate Fragrance Oil.
Step 2:  Next, prepare your lye solution.  Allow it to drop to room temperature.  Add the sodium lactate to the cooled lye solution.
Step 3:  Weigh out and melt your soaping oils.  Allow the temperature to drop to room temperature.
Step 4:  Combine the soaping oils and lye solution.  Stick blend to emulsify. Then, add the fragrance oil and stick blend once again.
Step 5:  Now, separate your soap batter.  You will need two additional empty bowls.  Pour 300 grams of soap batter into each empty bowl.  To one of the bowls, add the red soap colorant. To the second, add the green colorant.  Finally, to the remaining bowl, add the titanium dioxide. Stick blend the contents of each bowl.
Step 6:  Separate your soap batter.  About 300 grams of the white soap batter will be used to top your soap. So, you can place this in a separate bowl if you would like. In addition, you will need about 1 oz of the red soap batter and 2 oz. of the green soap batter for piping in a later step. You may also want to separate these as well.
Step 7:  At this time, we will begin pouring the soap into our mold.  So, pour small amounts of each color into the soap mold. Continue pouring, alternating the colors, until you have used the remaining soap batter.
Step 8:  Using a wooden skewer, create swirls throughout the soap by place the skewer into the soap in the mold and making circular motions throughout the mold.
Step 9:  Allow the soap batter you separated earlier to thicken to frosting-like consistency.  Place the white soap batter on top of the loaf soap so that it is nice and fluffy.  
Step 10:  Place the green soap batter in a decorating bag with a leaf tip.  Create bunches of 3 leaves to resemble holly berry leaves. Do this across the top of your soap loaf.  Finally, use the remaining red soap batter to create three berries in the center of each bunch of holly berry leaves.
Step 8:  Allow 24-48 hours before removing your soap from the mold.  
Step 9:  Slice your soap and allow it to cure before selling it or using it.
We hope that you have enjoyed creating this Holiday Cold Process Soap Recipe!
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