Gumdrop Melt and Pour Soap Recipe

Gumdrop Melt and Pour Soap Recipe

Recipe makes approximately 16 gumdrop soaps.

Ingredients Found At Natures Garden:


Other Ingredients & Equipment You'll Need:
Cutting Board
Mixing Bowls (5)
Mixing Spoons
Rubbing Alcohol
White Granulated Sugar
Paper Plate
Gumdrops Mold (

Prior to starting, clean and sanitize your work area and all of your utensils. We suggested you wear gloves, a protective apron, and a hair net while making this soap recipe. 

Step 1:  Use a scale to weigh out 413 grams of Natures Garden’s Diamond Clear Melt and Pour Soap in a medium size mixing bowl.

Step 2: Once you have melted your clear mp soap base, add 4 grams of Goodie Goodie Gumdrops Fragrance Oil.  Stir well to incorporate the fragrance oil. 

Step 3: Next, separate your soap base.  You will need 4 small mixing bowl.  Add 103 grams of the melted clear soap base to each bowl.

Step 4:  Now, add color.  Use the guide below to add color each bowl.

Bowl 1: 6 drops FUN Soap Colorant Neon Green
Bowl 2: 2 drops FUN Soap Colorant Neon Pink plus 2 drops FUN Soap Colorant Ultramarine Violet
Bowl 3: 5 drops FUN Soap Colorant Neon Blue plus 1 drop FUN Soap Colorant Ultramarine Violet
Bowl 4: 8 drops FUN Soap Colorant Neon Orange

Step 5: Once colored, pour the soap into the cavities of the mold.  Each colored bowl will make 4 individual gumdrop soaps.  Allow the soap base to set up before removing them from the mold.

Step 6: In the next step you will be adding sugar to the gumdrops.  You will need rubbing alcohol.  Place the rubbing alcohol in a PET bullet bottle.  Then, place a fine mist sprayer on top.

Step 7: In addition, you will need to place a thin layer of sugar on a paper plate.  You want to sugar each gumdrop individually.  Spray a gumdrop with rubbing alcohol.  Then, roll it in the sugar.  Repeat this process with each gumdrop.

Step 8: Place the soap gumdrops in one of the round silicone cupcake molds.  We found this is a cute way to package your soap.  The cupcake molds also make an adorable soap dish for your bathroom.

Your Gumdrop Melt and Pour Soap is now ready to use!  Enjoy!

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