Guava CP Soap Recipe

Guava CP Soap Recipe

Recipe makes approximately 2.5 pounds.

Ingredients Found At Natures Garden:


Other Ingredients & Equipment You'll Need:
Distilled Water
Mixing Bowls
Mixing Spoons
Rubber Spatula
Stick Blender
3 lb Tray Mold
Squeeze Bottles (6)
Wooden Skewer

Total Recipe Weights:
224 grams Distilled Water
110 grams of Lye
160 grams Coconut Oil 76
40 grams Castor Oil
140 grams Avocado Oil
120 grams Apricot Oil
120 grams Mango Butter
120 grams Palm Oil
120 grams Olive Oil Pomace
26 grams Guava Fragrance Oil
10 grams Vanilla White Color Stabilizer
Cold Process Soap Colorants For White Soap:
4 grams Titanium Dioxide 
(mixed with a small amount of soaping oils)
Cold Process Soap Colorants For Pink-Red Soap:
3 grams of Tomato Red FUN Soap Colorant
Cold Process Soap Colorants For Green Soap:
2 grams Neon Green FUN Soap Colorant
Clean & Sanitize your work area and all of your packaging materials. It is suggested that you wear gloves, protective clothing, a face mask, and safety glasses. 

Click Here For Basic CP Soap Making Class. Also, before attempting to make any cold process soap, please become familiar with Soap Making Safety Class.
Step 1:  Prepare your lye solution.  Allow the lye solution to cool to room temperature.  

Step 2: While you are waiting for your lye solution to cool, prepare your soaping oils.  Once your oils are melted, allow them cool to room temperature.

Step 3:  While you are waiting for your oils and lye solution to cool, prepare the colorants listed above.
Step 4:  When both the soaping oils and the lye solution are ready to be combined, do so.  Then, stick blend the soap batter to emulsify.  Next, add the Guava Fragrance Oil and Vanilla White Color Stabilizer.  Once again, stick blend your soap batter to incorporate the scent.  

Step 5:  Now, separate your soap batter.  You will need three bowls.  Divide the soap batter into three equal portions, adding one of the colorants to each bowl.  Blend the contents of each bowl to thoroughly mix each color.

Step 6:  Next, prepare your squeeze bottle.  We used six bottles, creating two bottles of each color.  However, you can use three bottles, refilling each one as you empty it.

Step 7:  Place your mold in front of you horizontally.  Begin with the pink soap batter.  Place 6-8 horizontal lines in the mold.  Then, move to the next color.  Finally, move to the third color.  Repeat this process until you have used all of the soap batter.  Tap the mold on your countertop to release any air bubbles.
Step 8:  At this time, you will need your wooden skewer.  Place it in the bottom left corner of the mold.  Move the skewer to the top left corner of the mold.  Then, over about an inch to the right.  Now, back down to the bottom of the mold in a straight line.  Then, to the right about an inch and back to the top.  Repeat this pattern until you reach the right corner of the mold.  Remove the skewer from the mold.
Step 9:  After 48 hours, remove the soap from the mold.  When ready, cut the soap.  Allow them to further cure for 4-6 weeks before using. 

We hope that you enjoy our Guava CP Soap Recipe!