Fluffy Body Butter Recipe

Fluffy Body Butter Recipe

Recipe makes 4- 4 oz. jars of fluffy body butter.

Ingredients Found At Natures Garden:


Other Ingredients & Equipment You'll Need:
Mixing Bowl
Stainless Steel Spoon
(2) Pots (for double boiler)
Hand Mixer
Total Recipe Weights:
200 grams Shea Butter Refined
140 Sweet Almond Oil
56 grams Cocoa Butter Golden Natural
12 grams Sea Salt and Orchid Fragrance Oil
4 grams Vitamin E Oil

Clean and sanitize your work area as well as your packaging. 

Step 1:  Weigh out the sweet almond oil and cocoa butter.  Using a double boiler, melt the butter and oil mixture.  Stir periodically.  

Step 2:  While you are waiting for the cocoa butter to melt, prepare the shea butter.  Weigh out the shea butter in a deep mixing bowl.
Step 3:  Using a hand mixer, whip the shea butter until it is whipped smooth.  Set this aside for the moment, we will come back to it.

Step 4:  Once the cocoa butter mixture is in a fluid state, remove it from the heat.  Allow the mixture to cool to about 100 degrees Fahrenheit.  
Step 5:  Next, add the cocoa butter mixture to the bowl containing the shea butter.
Step 6:  Using the hand mixer, blend the content of the bowl until they are at a whipped consistency.  Allow the mixture to continue to cool until it reaches room temperature.
Step 7:  Use the hand mixer to whip the body butter one more time.  Finally, add the butter to the jars.  Place a lid on top of each jar.
We hope that you enjoy this whipped body butter recipe!
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