Eggnog Candle Recipe

Eggnog Candle Recipe

Recipe makes approximately 1 candle

Ingredients Found At Natures Garden:


Eggnog Candle Recipe

Other Ingredients & Equipment You'll Need:
Mixing Spoon
Pot (for double boiler)
Glass Mug
Cheese Grater
Paper Bowl
Step 1:  Begin by preparing your glass mug.  You will need to adhere your wick tab to the bottom of your glass mug.  We used a 16 oz. glass mug with a diameter of just under 3.5 inches that we picked up at our local grocery store.  We used a CD 12 wick.  The size of the wick will depend upon the diameter of your glass mug.  You can find our size recommendations in the description of the  CD wicks.

Step 2:  Now, let’s prepare our Joy Wax.  Use a double boiler to melt 455 grams of Joy Wax. 

Step 3:  Once the wax reaches 200 degrees Fahrenheit, add your colorant.  You will need to use a toothpick to add a tiny bit of brown and yellow candle dye.  Stir the wax to fully blend the candle dye.
Step 4:  Then, allow the temperature to drop between 170-175 degrees Fahrenheit and add 45 grams of Natures Garden’s Eggnog Fragrance Oil.  Mix thoroughly to fully incorporate the fragrance oil.

Step 5:  Allow the temperature to drop to 160-165 degrees Fahrenheit before pouring the wax into your mug. 
Step 6:  Once the wax has finished setting up, we will prepare the whipped topping portion.  Begin melting 85 grams of Joy Wax. 
Step 7:  We will leave this portion uncolored so once the wax is melted and the temperature has reached 170-175 degrees Fahrenheit, add 8 grams of your Eggnog Fragrance Oil.  Stir to incorporate your candle scent.
Step 8:  Allow the wax to cool.  As it cools use a spoon to whip the wax to a frosting like consistency.  Then, place it on top of the base of your candle.  Create peaks in the wax to give it a more authentic look.  Straighten your wick. 
Step 9:  Once the wax is pretty well set up, place a cinnamon stick in the wax.  Let it stick out slightly.  
Step 10:  Finally, use a cheese grater to grate a little bit of a cinnamon stick over the whipped wax.
Your Eggnog Candle is now ready to use!  Just remember to remove the cinnamon stick before lighting your candle.