Cream Color Blocks Dye

Cream Color Blocks Dye

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Cream Color Block Dye

These cream color blocks are a new candle colorant from Natures Garden Candle Supplies. They work wonderfully in handcrafted candles.  They can be used in all types of candle waxes.  Each cream color block will allow you to deeply color about 15 pounds of candle wax.  In the wax melts pictured above, you can see that you can achieve a wide range of hues.  Each color block weighs approximately 1/2 oz.  When using a color block, melt a small amount of a color block in your heated candle wax.  Then, stir well to fully blend the candle dye with the wax.  If your colorant does not completely mix into your candle wax, you risk ending up with specks of the colorant in your finished candle.  Note: These are solid color blocks used in candle wax, they are not for use in cosmetic recipes.