Clamshell Wax Tart Kit

Clamshell Wax Tart Kit

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Clamshell Wax Tart Kit

Clamshell wax tart kit:  Make your own highly scented wax tarts just like the "Big Guys" sell. 

Clamshell wax tart kit includes everything you will need to make 4 scented clamshell wax tarts, including recipe and instructions; all packaged in a sturdy box.

-Pillar of Bliss Wax
-Apple Cinnamon Fragrance Oil
-Vanilla Bean Fragrance Oil
-Red Liquid Candle Dye
-Yellow Liquid Candle Dye
-Clamshell Containers
-Disposable Pipettes
-Complete Instructions


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Worth every penny

A viewer from CA
Review rating is 5
I love this kit it comes in a cute box with all ingredients necesary to do your melts. The kit comes with 4 wax melt containers but I actually got 7 wax melts out of the kit and I filled them to the top so I recommend getting an extra set of wax melt containers. Not a bad thing if you ask me. I'm definitely going to add this to my inventory to sell. The fragrances are amazing and strong. Only thing i did not like was the liquid coloring it has a very strong chemical smell so I will see if I can replace them with candle chips instead to color next time I make this. I highly recommend this kit so worth it.
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KP products from Ms
Review rating is 3
I got this kit bc of the reviews. The instructions are not well written. I am familiar with wax melts that’s why I know this. It has no instructions about what temp to melt wax to before adding fragrance. I had to go back to the website and find it. Also it does not say how much wax comes with the kit. The instructions say 1 lb of wax to 1 oz of fragrance but the kit only comes with 1 pound of wax! So the instructions are not consistent with the scents so you have to split them, also it does not give percent of fragrance so if you wanted to make less how you would do that. I love nature’s garden. I like the wax and the scents. I think they need to be more specific in the instructions though
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