Blueberry Bath Bomb Recipe

Blueberry Bath Bomb Recipe

Recipe makes approximately 5 Large Bath Bombs

Ingredients Found At Natures Garden:


Other Ingredients & Equipment You'll Need:

Witch Hazel (in spray bottle)
5- Clear Round Acrylic Fillable Ornaments- 3"diameter each
Mixing Bowls (5)
Stirring Spoon

Total Recipe Weights:
512 grams Citric Acid
1,120 grams Baking Soda
18 grams Sweet Almond Oil
40 drops of Blueberry Fragrance Oil
5 grams Camu Camu Fruit Powder
10 grams FUN Soap Colorant Ultramarine Blue
Witch Hazel in a spray bottle

This recipe is best prepared in non-humid climates.  Prior to making this recipe, pour some of your witch hazel into your spray bottle in order to have this ready. 

Step 1:  Place your 4 bowls in your work area.  2 of your mixing bowls will be for the dry ingredients; and the other 2 bowls will be for your wet ingredients.

Step 2:  The Dry Ingredients:  In both of your dry mixing bowls place 256 grams of citric acid.  Then, to each dry bowl add 560 grams of baking soda.  If you notice any clumps, break them up in your hands now.  Mix well.  Finally, to one of the bowls, add 5 grams of camu camu fruit powder and stir, leave the second dry bowl alone. 

Step 3:  In a separate mixing bowl weigh out 18 grams of Sweet Almond Oil. 

Step 4:  The Wet Ingredients:  Now, take your sweet almond oil and equally divide it among your two wet bowls. To each bowl, now add 20 drops of fragrance and stir.  Finally, to one of the bowls add 10 grams of Ultramarine Blue Fun Soap Colorant and stir.

Step 5:  Slowly add the wet ingredients bowl containing the blue soap colorant to the dry ingredients bowl containing the noni fruit powder.  Using your hands, mix the ingredients together until they are completely incorporated.

Step 6:  Lightly spritz the mixture with witch hazel.  Mix the mixture.  Continue spritzing with witch hazel until the mixture feels like crumbly dough in your hands. Be very careful not to spray too much witch hazel into your mixture or it will activate the citric acid.

Step 7:  Press the bluish mixture into half of your fillable ornament and press down firmly.  Set aside.

Step 8:  Now, get the remaining two bowls.  Slowly add the wet ingredients bowl to the remaining dry ingredients bowl.  Mix these ingredients together so that they are completely incorporated.

Step 9:  Again, slowly spray the mixture with witch hazel.  Mix, and continue spritzing with witch hazel until the mixture feels like crumbly dough.  Do not over spray. 

Step 10: Press this into the other half of your fillable ornament and press down firmly.


Step 11:  Now, spritz both halves of the ornaments with witch hazel.  Then, attach the ornament halves together.

Step 12:  Allow the bath bombs to set.  Then, release them slowly from the mold.

Blueberry Bath Bombs are now ready for use.  Enjoy!

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