Bug Repelling Candle Recipe

Bug Repelling Candle Recipe

Recipe makes approximately (1) 16 oz. bug repelling candle.

Ingredients Found At Natures Garden:


Other Ingredients & Equipment You'll Need:
Mini Lemon/Lime Slices (flexiblemolds.com)
Stirring Spoon
Pot (for double boiler)
Apothecary Jars

Step 1:  Making the Embeds:  Using the double boiler method weigh out and melt 50 grams of beeswax.  You will want to stir this occasionally as it melts.

Step 2:   Once all of the beeswax is liquid, add 1 drop of Spectrum Yellow Candle Dye and stir.  Place your pouring pot back into the heat source.

Step 3:  Next, weigh out 4 grams of lime citronella fragrance oil.  Add this to the melted beeswax and quickly stir to incorporate. 

Step 4:  Once scented, pour the wax into the mini lemon/lime mold.  Allow the mold to set up enough to be moved.  Then, place the mold into the freezer. 

Step 5:  Again, using the double boiler method, weigh out and melt another 50 grams of beeswax.  Once melted add 1 drop of Spectrum Green Candle Dye and stir.  Once the color is mixed in, place the beeswax back into the heat source. 

Step 6:  Remove the mold from the freezer.  Flip the mold upside down and using your thumbs, gently ease the lime slices out of the mold.  Set all embeds aside. 

 Step 7:  Again, weigh out 4 grams of lime citronella fragrance oil.  Add this fragrance to the melted beeswax on the stove.  Stir well to incorporate, then carefully pour this wax into the lime mold. 

Step 8:  When the lime slices are hard enough to be moved, carefully place the mold back into the freezer.  Allow to set up. 

Step 9:  Now, weigh out 500 grams of gel wax.  You will be melting the gel wax down using the double boiler method. As the gel wax melts, it will be very similar in consistency to a thick syrup.  Monitor the gel wax and stir it occasionally.

Step 10:  Remove the lime mold from the freezer and carefully remove the embeds. 

Step 11:  Next, center and secure your wicks to the bottom of the apothecary jar.  We will be using (2) 51-32-18z.

Step 12:  Once your wicks are in place, start placing the lemon embed slices around your candle jar.  Press firmly to adhere the embed in place.  Once all of the lemon embeds are stuck to the jar, leave a small amount of open area before aligning a lime embed on top.  Repeat for each lemon slice.  

Step 13:  When the gel wax is all melted, place 1 toothpick tip of Spectrum Yellow Candle Dye and 1 toothpick tip of Spectrum Green Candle Dye into the wax.  Stir to incorporate.  Finally, add 40 grams of Lime Citronella Fragrance to the wax and stir.

Step 14:  Place your thermometer into the gel wax.  Use your mixing spoon to continuously stir the wax slowly.

Step 15:  When the gel wax temperature reaches 165 degrees Fahrenheit, slowly pour the gel wax into the jar.  When the jar is filled, straighten the wicks and allow the candle to fully set up.

Your Bug Repelling Candle is now ready to be used.  Simply trim the wicks before lighting.