Patchouli Infused Hair Conditioner Recipe

Patchouli Infused Hair Conditioner Recipe

Makes 2- 8oz Bottles

Ingredients Found At Natures Garden:


 Other Ingredients & Equipment You'll Need:
(2) Small Pots
Large Pot
Large Mixing Bowl
Stick Blender
Distilled Water

20 grams Patchouli Infused Oil
425 grams Distilled Water
25 grams Vegetable Glycerin
25 grams BTMS 25
5 grams Patchouli Essential Oil
10 grams Lavandin Grosso Pure Essential Oil
5 grams Optiphen
5 grams Vitamin E Oil

4 weeks prior to making this recipe, you will want to make your Patchouli Infused Oil.  You will make this oil using the double boiler infusion method.  In order to have the strongest infusion of the patchouli into the sweet almond oil, the herbal infusion must steep for 4 weeks before the herb is strained out.  To view the complete steps for making the patchouli oil infusion, please click on this link. 

Once you have your patchouli oil infusion, it is time to start the hair conditioner recipe!

Step 1: Clean and sanitize your work area.   You will also want to make sure your packaging materials are clean and ready to go as is your other equipment that you will be using. It is suggested that you wear gloves, protective clothing, and a hair net while preparing this recipe.

Step 2: The Water Phase-  In your pot weigh out your distilled water.  Next, move the pot to the stove top and heat the water up to at least 180F.  You will want to hold the water at this temperature for 20 minutes to destroy any bacteria. Once 20 minutes have elapsed, remove you pan from the heat source and set aside. 

Step 3: The Oil Phase-  For this phase of the recipe, we are going to use the double boiler process.  In your large pot place 3-4 inches of tap water.  Place the water filled pot on the stove top and set the burner on a low heat setting.  Then, in your second small pot, weigh out the following ingredients:  the vegetable glycerin, BTMS, vitamin E Oil, and patchouli oil infusion.  Once all of the ingredients are placed into the small pot, place the smaller pot into the larger one.  You are going to heat these ingredients to around 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step 4: The Mixing Phase-  You will want to move quickly for this step.  Once your oil phase reaches 140 degrees Fahrenheit, check the temperature of the water.  Once they are both around 140 degrees, it is time to mix. Grab your large mixing bowl and combine your ingredients and the water.  Stick blend well to ensure that the mixture is well blended.  Also, use a spatula to clean the sides of the bowl.  Then, continue to stick blend.  You will notice that the mixture will begin to turn white in color.  This is an indicator that the emulsion process is beginning to occur. 

Step 5: The Cool Down Phase-  Once blended, allow your mixture to cool to around 120 degrees Fahrenheit.  Once you have that temperature, weigh out and add your Optiphen preservative.  Then, weigh out and add the patchouli and Lavandin Grosso essential oils.  Mix thoroughly. Allow you mixture to cool to room temperature and bottle.

Your Patchouli Infused Hair Conditioner is now ready to use.  Enjoy!

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