Mardi Gras Candle Recipe

Mardi Gras Candle Recipe

Recipe makes (1) 16 oz. Mardi Gras themed and scented candle.

Ingredients Found At Natures Garden:


Other Items Needed:
Glass Apothecary Jar (16oz)
Purple Felt
Green Felt
Gold Glitter Foam
Hot Glue Gun with Gun
Pot (for double boiler method)

Step 1:  Weigh out 510 grams of soy wax 464.  Place this into your pouring pot.

Step 2:  Using the double boiler method, melt  the soy wax on low heat until it is completely liquefied.

Step 3:  Remove the pouring pot from the heat source.  Next, add 6 drops of Green Spectrum Candle Dye plus 1 drop of Teal Spectrum Candle Dye to the wax.  Stir.

Step 4:  Now add 51 grams of Mardi Gras fragrance oil to the wax.  Stir again.

Step 5:  Next, center and secure your candle wicks to the bottom of your jar.  For this recipe we used (2) CD-10 wicks.

Step 6:  Pour the wax into your candle jar.  Stop the pour where the candle jar changes shape.  Allow your candle to fully set up undisturbed.

Step 7:  Making the Mardi Gras Mask:  Fold your purple felt in half (so that you have a 6 inch rectangle).  Now, open the felt.  Using the center line from the fold, draw 2 eye openings equally spaced from the line.
Do this in chalk.

Step 8:  Next, draw a bigger almond shape around each eye opening.  You will want the width of this to be about 1/2" all the way around each hole. 

Step 9:  Once you have the circles drawn, complete the mask by finishing out a 3/4" line for the rest of the length in the felt.  Do this for both sides.  Then, cut out your mask base. 

Step 10:  Now, place the gold glitter foam upside down (so that the glitter is not showing).  Using your mask, trace the eye hole openings onto the back of the foam with a pencil.

Step 11:  Lets Get Creative:  Using your imagination, draw a fun design around both eye openings.  Then, cut this out. 

Step 12:  Finally, design and cut the green felt adding even more fun Mardi Gras elements to your mask.  Some great shapes for Mardi Gras are: beads, fleur de lis, and crowns.  

Step 13: Using your hot glue gun, glue your mask together.  Depending on the width of your jar, you may need to add an extender of green felt to ensure your mask fits around your candle container. 

Step 14: Slide your Mardi Gras Mask around the outside of your candle jar. 

Your Mardi Gras Candle is now finished.  Enjoy!

IMPORTANT!!!  Please Note:  Remove the Mardi Gras Mask before burning the candle.