Hydrangea Candle Recipe

Hydrangea Candle Recipe

This fun project made by Crystal of Natures Garden

Recipe makes 1 candle with butterfly embeds.

Ingredients Found At Natures Garden:


Other Ingredients & Equipment You'll Need:
1- 16 oz. Glass Apothecary Jar
(4) Ziplock bags for mixing colored wax
Hot Glue Gun
Disposable Spoons

Step 1: Using a hot glue gun, attach (2) CD-12 wicks to the bottom of your apothecary jar.  You want the wicks to be equally spaced apart.

Step 2:  Get your (4) Ziplock bags ready.  In each bag, place 90 grams of Pillar of Bliss.

Step 3:  Next, to each of the (4) Ziplock bags, add 7 grams of Hydrangea Heaven Fragrance Oil using a pipette.   

Step 4:  It is time to add the Spectrum Color Dye to your candle wax bags:
Bag 1- 1 tiny drop of Blue  (This will be your medium blue.)
Bag 2- dip the toothpick tip into the blue and work this into the wax.  Repeat (2) more times. (This will be your light blue.)
Bag 3- dip the toothpick tip into the purple and work this into the wax.  Repeat (2) more times.  (This will be your medium purple.)
Bag 4- Leave this bag uncolored for now.  (This will be your light purple.) 

Step 5:  Now, it is time to mix away.  Simply seal the zipper of the bag closed, and shake away until everything is evenly dispersed.  Once the bag that has the medium purple is mixed, remove 6 grams of it, and place it in the uncolored bag.  Mix this bag now as well (for your light purple). 

Step 6:  Using a disposable spoon, take out some of the wax from one of the bags.  Then, place the wax in one of the jar's bottom edges.  With the spoon, press the wax down to compact and shape it.  Repeat this manner, rotating all 4 colors, until the bottom portion of your jar is filled. Remember to keep your wicks straight and spaced correctly.

Step 7:  As you make the multicolored layers in the candle jar, use your disposable spoon to emulate the puffy like shape of hydrangea flowers.  The size and shape of the different wax colors is completely up to you.  But remember to keep packing the wax in.  Please Note:  As you continue to add wax to your candle jar, keep checking that your wicks are straight and spaced correctly.

Step 8:  Once your candle jar is filled, straighten your wicks one last time.  Using a pencil, take the excess wick and wrap it around the pencil to make a curl.  Repeat for both wicks.

Step 9:  Prepare your butterfly embeds:   Using the double broiler method, melt  the remainder of  the medium blue  Ziplock wax.  Stir.  Once incorporated, pour wax into 1 butterfly embed mold.

Step 10:  Repeat for light blue, medium purple, and light purple (by melting remaining Ziplock wax).  Once this step is done, you should have 4 butterfly embeds, each representing one of your hydrangea flower colors.  Allow this to set up fully.  Please Note:  If you do not have any remaining wax in your ziplock bags, the recipe for one butterfly embed is 10 grams Pillar of Bliss, 1 gram Hydrangea Heaven Fragrance Oil, and appropriate spectrum color dye amount using a toothpick tip.

Step 11:  When your embeds have completely set up; place the butterfly embed mold upside down. Using your thumbs, apply gentle pressure to the mold cavities. When the wax releases, trim off any over pours.  Set aside.

Step 12:  Strategically place the butterfly embeds on top of the candle. 

Step 13:  Your Hydrangea Candle is now ready.  So, trim your wick and burn your candle!

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