Doggy Shampoo Cold Process Soap Recipe

Doggy Shampoo Cold Process Soap Recipe

Recipe makes approximately 3 doggy shampoo soaps.

Ingredients Found At Natures Garden:



Other Equipment and Supplies:
(2) Ziploc bags
(2) mixing bowls

Total Recipe Weights:
172 grams Water
65 grams Lye

181 grams Olive Oil Pomace 
45 grams Coconut Oil 76
122 grams Palm Oil
36 grams Castor Oil
68 grams Fractionated Coconut Oil
25 grams Sodium Lactate
28 grams Sage Leaf Fragrance Oil
1 gram Titanium Dioxide
6 drops Neon Pink Fun Soap Colorant
5 drops Black Oxide Fun Soap Colorant

Clean & Sanitize your work area and all of your packaging materials. It is suggested that you wear gloves, protective clothing, a face mask, safety glasses, and a hair net while preparing this recipe.

Click Here For Basic CP Soap Making Class.  Also, before attempting to make any cold process soap, please become familiar with our Soap Making Safety Class.

Please Note:  The sodium lactate in this recipe is added to the cooled lye water before the mixing of oils and butters. Carefully stir this in to incorporate.

While you are waiting on temperatures, get your mixing bowls.  To the first bowl, add the titanium dioxide.  To the second bowl, add the black oxide.  Set aside. 

Next, after the addition and blending of fragrance oil to the soap batter, weigh out  and place 400 grams of soap batter into the titanium dioxide bowl.  Then, weigh out 30 grams of soap batter in the black bowl.  Stick blend the titanium dioxide bowl, spoon stir the black soap one.  Set aside.  Finally, to the main batter bowl, add the neon pink colorant.  Stick blend to incorporate.  Now, pour the pink batter into your three cupcake bottoms. 

Next, place all of the white soap into a Ziploc bag.  Cut off a portion of one of the bag corners.  Then, carefully  push the soap batter out of the bag and on top of the pink soap to simulate a dogs head.  Once you are happy with the shape of your dog, place the black soap into a different Ziploc bag and cut a smaller hole.  Use this soap to add eyes and a nose to your dog soaps.  Use any remaining pink batter to make a dog tongue.  Allow this to set up.

After 24 hours, remove the cupcake bottom molds from the soaps.  Allow the soaps to fully cure before using.

We hope that you and your pet enjoy our Doggy Shampoo Cold Process Soap recipe!

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