Berry Bewitching Bath Brew Recipe

Berry Bewitching Bath Brew Recipe

This is a Spotlight Project-imagined, created, and shared by Jenny of Natures Garden.

Recipe makes approximately (3) bath brew melts.

Ingredients Found At Natures Garden:


Other Ingredients & Equipment You'll Need:

Microwave safe glass container
Large Knife
Several Mixing Spoons (wood or stainless steel)
Rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle
Stick Blender
Pots (for double broiler method)
Several Mixing Bowls
Bat embed mold (or Halloween themed)
Wax Paper
Small Paint Brush
(3) 4oz. Natures Garden Fragrance Bottles

Total Recipe for Bath Melt Bottoms
29 grams- Shea Butter
29 grams- Mango Butter
57 grams- Cocoa Butter
3 grams- Beeswax
2 grams- Beet Root Powder
6 grams- Berry Bewitching Brew Fragrance

Total Recipe for Herbal Packs

19 grams- Lavender Flowers Whole
10 grams- Jasmine Flowers Whole
9 grams- Juniper Berries Whole

Total Recipe for Bubble Fizz
113 grams- Baking Soda
58 grams- Citric Acid
9 grams- Berry Bewitching Brew Fragrance

Total Recipe for Purple Sugar
50 grams- White Sugar
10 drops- FUN Soap Colorant Ultramarine Violet

Bath Melt "Glue"
24 grams- Cocoa Butter
2 grams- Beeswax

Recipe for RIP Paint
2 grams- Arrowroot Powder
1 grams- Vegetable Glycerin
20 drops- Fun Soap Colorant Black Oxide

Total Recipe for the Bat Embeds
45 grams- Diamond Clear Melt and Pour Soap
2 grams- Berry Bewitching Brew Fragrance
20 drops- FUN Soap Colorant Black Oxide

Clean & Sanitize your work area and all of your packaging materials. It is suggested that you wear gloves, protective clothing, and a hair net while preparing this recipe.

Prep the Base:

1.   Weigh out all of your butters and beeswax from the total recipe for Bath Melt Bottoms. 

2.   Begin melting the butters and beeswax using the double boiler method.  Heat until completely melted.

3.  Add your beet root powder and stick blend thoroughly.  You want the herb to be completely incorporated throughout the entire melted mixture.  This allows for your finished bath melts to have a nice bold color.
4.  Add your fragrance oil and stir. 

5.  Once blended, set out both of your cupcake cherry on top molds.  Fill approximately 1/4 of each cupcake bottom (for 3).  Place the remaining bath melt mixture back on low heat for about 10- 15 minutes.  Stir occasionally. 

6.  Prep your (3) 4oz bottles by completely wrapping the bottom half portion with wax paper.  Secure the wax paper with tape.

7.  Once the bath melt mixture in the mold has started to harden, gently put one of each of your 4 oz. bottles in the center of each mold opening.  Give the bath melt mixture that is still on the stovetop one last good stir, and carefully pour the remaining mixture along the side of the bottle to completely fill the molds.  Allow this to fully set up.

Prep the Bats:

8.  In your microwave safe glass container, weigh out and melt 45 grams of Diamond Clear  Melt and Pour Soap in the microwave 30 seconds at a time. Stir gently. Keep melting until all soap is in a liquid state.

9.  Next, add 20 drops FUN Soap Colorant- Black Oxide and mix well.  Then, add the 2 grams Berry Bewitching Brew Fragrance Oil; stir well.  Once incorporated, fill (3) bat embed cavities and spritz with alcohol.  Set aside and allow to fully set up. 

Prep the Tea Bags:

10.  In one of your mixing bowls, weigh out your lavender flowers, jasmine flowers, and juniper berries.  Stir well to blend. 

11.  Get three pull string tea bags and gently stuff each one with the herbal mixture.  Pull the strings and tie bag shut.  Set this aside. 

Prep the Bubble Fizz: 

12.  In a mixing bowl, weigh out your baking soda, and citric acid.  Stir well, and break up any clumps that may be in your mixing bowl.  Once mixture is blended well, add 9 grams of Berry Bewitching Brew Fragrance Oil and thoroughly incorporate.  Then, set aside. 

Prep the Purple Sugar: 

13.  In another mixing bowl, weigh out your sugar.  Next, add 10 drops Ultramarine violet FUN Soap Colorant.  Stir this well with a spoon.   You want to ensure that all of the sugar has a purple  hue to it.  Then, set aside.

Prep the "RIP" Paint: 

14.  In a small mixing bowl, weigh out your vegetable glycerin and arrowroot powder.  Blend this together to make a thick paste.  Then, add 20 drops of FUN Soap Colorant Black Oxide.  Stir again until all of the color is incorporated into the paste.  Set aside. 

 Prep the Bath Melt "Glue": 

15. Weigh out your cocoa butter and beeswax.  Begin melting the two together using the double boiler method.  Heat until completely melted.  Stir.  Once both ingredients are melted, keep this on low heat stirring occasionally. 


16.  Lay each of your filled tea bags flat, with the string side towards you.  Then,  using a small paint brush, paint the letters "RIP" towards the opposite side of the string end.  Allow this to harden.

17.  Once your bath melt bottoms are completely hardened, gently remove the bottle from the wax paper in each mold.  Then, very gently pull each wax paper from the molds as well.  Once both are removed, carefully remove each bath melt bottom from the mold.  Then, stick the bath melt back in its mold so that you can decorate it without it melting in your hands.

18. Now, get your bubble fizz bowl, and carefully pack the bottom of the bath melt with the mixture.  Do not completely fill.  Once the bubble fizz is packed down, place one tea bag (string side down) into the opening.  Then, place even more bubble fizz around the tea bag to secure it in place. 

19.  Next, using a spoon and working quickly, place some of the bath melt "glue" on top of the bubble fizz and around the tea bag.  Then, quickly spread the purple sugar on top of the melted "glue" to completely cover the bath melt bottom.  Repeat with all (3) bath melts.  Allow this to fully set up. 

20.  Pop the bat embeds out of the mold while you are waiting for the sugar to adhere and harden as the "glue" sets up. 

21. Place your bat embed in front of the RIP side of the tea bag.   Carefully, spoon some bath melt "glue" behind the bat alongside the tea bag.  Gently push the bat back in place and hold for a few seconds.  Once secure, reinforce any weak areas with more bath melt "glue".   

Please Note:  It is okay if some of the bath melt "glue" gets on the bat or purple sugar.  We had no problem cleaning this up with a toothpick after the bath melts were completely finished. 

22.  Once the bath melts have completely set up, use a toothpick to clean up any visible "glue" .

23.  Finally, carefully angle your cupcake mold on the side and gently ease the bath melt out of the mold. 

Your Berry Bewitching Bath Brews are now ready to use.  Enjoy! 

To Use:  Place one bath melt into the bath tub under warm running water.  Only one bath melt is needed. 

Be Careful:  Your bath tub will be slippery from the butters once the bath melt has melted.

Please Note:  These bath melts will begin to melt just from physical contact with the skin.  It is not advised to ship these during the hotter temperature months. 
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