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Natures Garden's WOW WaxTM

 A soft and creamy single-pour paraffin blend wax that was created for container candles and has an exceptional scent throw.  Slabs are 10-12 pounds each. 

Instructions for use:  Heat wax to 190 degrees.  Add candle dye.  Allow candle to cool to 180-170 degrees.  Add 1 ounce of fragrance oil per pound of melted wax.  We prefer to use CD Wicks or Zinc core wicks with this particular wax.  Pour hot wax mixture at 170-165 degrees into your containers.  Allow to cool at room temperature. Allow your candles to cure for approximately 3 days.  Enjoy! 

Wax may differ from batch to batch.  All wax sales are final; we do not accept returns, and we do not offer replacements for any waxes we sell.  Please be aware of this when ordering.  There will be no exceptions.

NOTE:  When ordering large quantities of wax, our shopping cart may not reflect the correct shipping estimates.  You are charged exactly what UPS charges us for shipping.  This may require us to adjust your billing before we charge your credit card.  When ordering 40 or more cases of wax, your order will be shipped via LTL Freight, and you will be charged according to their shipping costs


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Very disappointed

Lisa from Utah
Review rating is 2
I am very disappointed in the performance of WOW wax. I followed the directions exactly. The cold throw is okay but not that strong. The hot throw is terrible and non-existent! I finally scooped some of the wax out of one of the candles and put it in a wax warmer and got a great hot throw. I will use the rest of the wax for tarts but will never purchase this product again.
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first time using

Toni Perry from TN
Review rating is 4
love its easy to cut and it holds my bright colors great! just wish it wasn't as soft. but its true to one pour wax in my 8oz jar candles and that a plus to me. also using this in tarts (silicone molds) great release but will be adding jus little harder wax to stiffin it up a tad
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