Cafe Mocha Candle Recipe

Cafe Mocha Candle Recipe

Recipe makes approximately one 17 oz candle

Ingredients Found At Natures Garden:


Other Ingredients & Equipment You'll Need:
Mixing Spoon
Pots (For Double Boiler)
Glass Coffee Mug
Hot Glue Gun 
Hot Glue Sticks
Step 1:  Prepare your mug by adhering a wick to the bottom center of your mug.  Our mug had a 4” diameter so we used an HTP-104.  Wick size will be determined by the diameter of the mug.

Step 2:  Weigh out 300 grams of Joy Wax and melt using a double boiler.  Allow it to heat to 200F.
Step 3:  Once your wax is melted, add 15 drops of the ivory candle dye.  Stir.
Step 4:  Next, let the temperature drop to 175F and add 30 grams of Cafe Mocha Fragrance Oil.  Stir thoroughly.
Step 5:  Allow the temperature to drop between 160F-165F.  Pour 250 grams of the candle wax into your mug.  Set the remaining aside, we will use it in a later step.  Allow the candle to fully set up before moving on.
Step 6:  Weigh out and melt 210 grams of Joy Wax to 175F.  Add 21 grams of Cafe Mocha Fragrance Oil.  Stir.
Step 7:  For this portion of the candle we will be whipping the Joy Wax.  You will need to prepare your hand mixer.  Allow the wax to cool and begin to thicken.  You will know the wax is ready to begin whipping when you start to notice it beginning to set up around the edges.  At this point, use the hand mixer to whip the wax to a frosting consistency.
Step 8:  Place the whipped wax into a decorating bag with a star tip attached.

Step 9:  In a Double Boiler remelt the 50 grams of brown wax you set aside earlier.  Once melted, pour it on top of the previous layer.
Step 10:  Pipe the Joy Wax on top of the candle allowing the wax to sink into the melted wax to give it a more realistic look.  Continue to pipe the wax to resemble a whipped cream topping.  When piping, we recommend starting in the center near the wick and working your way outward in a circular motion to fill the top surface. Then, pipe in a circular motion from the outer edge inward to create height. 
Step 11:  Prepare your chocolate drizzle.  Weigh out and melt 10 grams of Joy Wax.  Once melted, use a toothpick to add a small amount of brown and black liquid candle dye.  Stir.
Step 12:  Use a pipette to drizzle the chocolate wax over the top of the candle.  
Step 13:  Trim the wick to ¼” and allow the candle to cure before burning.
We hope you enjoy your Cafe Mocha Candle!
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