Black Walnut Hulls Powder

Black Walnut Hulls Powder

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Black Walnut Hulls Powder  

INCI (Juglans nigra)-  Black walnut hulls can be used in many different industries. Some of them include bath and body products, hair care, cosmetics, and soaps. If used in soap making, they make the soap a natural brown color. They can also be added to primary colors to mute them down to a more natural color. Common products that include black walnut hulls are cosmetics, face masks, massage oils, and bath bombs. Many skin care benefits can come from black walnut hulls. For hair care, black walnuts have been used as a natural dark brown-black dye for hair.

Country of Origin:  USA

Uses in Cosmetics, Soap, Ect.: 

1.  Black walnut hulls powder can be used to naturally color soap brown.  It can be added to primary colors to create a more natural, muted color.
2.  Black walnut hulls powder is added to cosmetic formulations. 
3. Black walnut hulls powder contains natural iodine, magnesium, potassium, copper, and manganese.  
4.  Black walnut hulls powder is added to some facial mask.  
5.  Black walnut hulls powder can be made into an infusion, and added to other bath products.
6.  Black walnut hulls powder can be added to bath bomb recipes.
7.  Black walnut hulls powder can be infused in massage oils.

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Please Label Allergens

A viewer from Raleigh, NC
Review rating is 3
I am commenting as someone with a SEVERE nut allergy, and walnuts being a very lethal one to me. PLEASE let people know when you add this to your homemade beauty products, as it will cause bad or deadly reactions in those of us with severe allergies. Just wanted to raise awareness, because so many times I ask people what is in their products and come to find out, it is in there!
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Black Walnut for Natural Hair Dye

A viewer from Thor, IA
Review rating is 5
This is fabulous for my natural hair color. I add it to my shampoos and conditioners as well to create a perfect hair product.
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