BEESWAX White Pastilles

BEESWAX White Pastilles

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Beeswax White Pastilles 

Wax extracted from the honeycomb of a bee hive, and filtered.   No chemicals used to bleach this beeswax; it was naturally bleached by exposure to sunlight and air.  Beeswax is used in candle making, cosmetics, and toiletries. 

SAP VALUE KOH / NaOH: .095---.067

INCI Name:  Beeswax


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Smooth wax, nice color and scent

A viewer from United States
Just tried out this beeswax for candle making this weekend. I really enjoyed it. Had a nice consistency of a milky white color, smooth texture, and just a hint of honey/pollen smell. It's also great that it comes in pellets, as opposed to a big block. Much easier for measuring out small batches and quicker to melt. Poured and cured great as well - no cracks.
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Beeswax Pellets

A viewer from Pittsburgh, PA US
Love these! Such a nice product for a great price. I use it for my lippy balms with flavorings I got from NG too. I will most likely order the 16 oz next time. Nice, simplistic packaging as well.
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