Alpine Snowdrift Candle Recipe

Alpine Snowdrift Candle Recipe

Recipe makes one candle.

Ingredients Found At Natures Garden:


Other Ingredients & Equipment You'll Need:
Mixing Bowls
Mixing Spoon
Hand Mixer
Pot (for double boiler)
9x13 Pan (lined with wax paper)

Step 1:  Prepare the pants embed.  We will make a set of legs using beeswax.  First, weigh out and melt 30 grams of the white beeswax.  You will also need to add a very small amount of the yellow color block.  Once melted, stir and pour the wax onto your pan lined with wax paper.  You want to pour the layer as thin as possible.  Once it has setup, cut a pair of pants.
Step 2: Prepare the boots and skis.  Weigh out and melt 30 grams of the white beeswax.  Once melted, add a drop of the black liquid candle dye.  Then, stir and pour the wax onto the wax lined pan.  This time cut a pair of boots and skis while the wax is setup, but still warm.  Use just small amount of melted black beeswax as a “glue” to adhere the boots to the pants.  Set all of the embeds aside.  We will come back to them.
Step 3:  Prepare your candle jar.  Place a wick in the center of your jar.
Step 4:  Weigh out and melt 375 grams of the Joy Wax using the double boiler method.  
Step 5:  Add 37 grams of the Alpine Snowdrift Fragrance Oil.  Stir to blend the fragrance.  Then, pour the wax into a mixing bowl.  Use a hand mixer to mix the wax until it reaches a fluffy whipped consistency.  
Step 6:  Add the whipped wax to the jar creating a mountain shape.  You want the “mountain” to show through the glass on both the from and the back.  So, make sure it touches both the glass in the front and the back of the jar.  
Step 7:  Prepare your blue wax.  Melt 130 grams of Joy Wax.  While it is melted, add a very small shaving of the royal blue color block to create a sky blue color.  Once melted, stir to ensure the colorant is fully and evenly mixed.
Step 8:  Next, add 13 grams of the Alpine Snowdrift Fragrance Oil.  Once again, stir to blend the scent.
Step 9:  Pour the blue candle wax over white wax.  You want the peak of the mountain to stick out of the jar slightly so you can add the embeds.
Step 10:  Add the embeds.  Place the pants in the wax boots side up.  Then, add the skis.
Your Alpine Snowdrift Candle is now ready to burn.  Simply trim your candle wick, light, and enjoy!
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