Powdered Stevia Sweetener

Powdered Stevia Sweetener

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Stevia Powder

All Natural Stevia Extract Powder with Maltodextrin sweetener.  Packaged in portion-sized sugar sized packets to ensure prevention of any type of contamination.  Gluten Free.  

Sweetening your lip balm:  Natures Garden has tested numerous sweeteners for lip balms.  We have found that a powdered stevia extract with maltodextrin works the best.  Simply add a very small amount of powdered stevia with maltodextrin to your flavoring, and add to your melted lip balm base. The maltodextrin was added to the stevia extract powder to help the sweetener flow better in lip balm or edible products; reducing the gritty feeling that you experience with plain stevia extract powder.  Maltodextrin is a food grade product made from the sugars of grain.  Both stevia and maltodextrin are all natural products.

*Note:  Since stevia is a natural plant material, it will have polarity (water loving characteristics).  Anytime you add a polar product to non-polar product (lip balm base made with 100% oil loving characteristics), the products will not dissolve; only disperse.  The addition of maltodextrin allows the stevia to disperse better in lip balm bases, but it will not completely dissolve.* 


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Stevia is great for lip scrubs

A viewer from Reddick, IL
I use this in my lip scrubs and it is perfect. My customers buy me out on my Etsy store, I can't keep up with the demand.
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A viewer from North Carolina
Do not purchase this stuff! It will leave your lip balm VERY gritty, no matter what you do. I even tried crushing it with a spoon in a bowl to make it more of a powder. Still no good. Save yourself some time and money and do not purchase this!
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